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Eric Hailey hails from the great state of Tennessee, discovering his passion for acting in high school theater, then further honing his talents attending the University of Alabama as a theater major.

In addition to Suck and Moan, Eric would love for you to check out some of his most recent projects: The first four episodes of the StrikeTV featured web series Dwelling, a mullet and mustachioed performance in the latest music video for the British band Grumís single "Through the Night", which caused a sensation in Europe and mass imitation in Russia, and the corresponding outtakes, and his turn as band manager "Jerry Klein" in the latest video for The Wombats called "Tokyo" (vampires & wolves...how's that for a tie in?).

You can find Ericís extended credits on IMDb as well as additional work scattered about various points in cyberspace. His rock is his family and his love is infinite. Peace @ no lease.

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